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Our team of recognized specialists in employment law is active in all areas of labor law, social protection and social security.

Thanks to our solid experience in litigation, we are able to meet our clients’ expectations by providing personalized, pragmatic advice, and by developing a proactive, effective strategy to anticipate risks and meet the challenges facing companies.


Collective relations

  • Advice and assistance with the organization and running of CSE elections,
  • Preparation of related documentation for CSE consultations,
  • Management of collective relations and social dialogue with IRPs,
  • Drafting of collective agreements, charters (ethical, IT), internal regulations, compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation,
  • Carrying out social audits or comprehensive studies on the social and collective consequences of company transformations (disposals, outsourcing, acquisitions, mergers),
  • Preparation and support for restructurings, downsizing plans or site closures.

Individual relationship

  • Advice on the various forms of employment contract, drafting of sensitive contracts and clauses, day-to-day management of labor relations, disciplinary law,
  • Management by-laws, corporate governance, remuneration of corporate officers, management employment contracts,
  • Conflict prevention and anticipation, assistance with the implementation of severance packages, negotiations and settlements.
  • Preparing and supporting staff reduction plans or site closures, employment safeguard plans or voluntary departure plans


Health and safety at work, social security and social protection

  • Organization of the delegation of authority and responsibility,
  • Support in the prevention and management of occupational risks,
  • Internal investigations and inquiries, management of specific and complex situations (harassment, discrimination, occupational hazards, sexism),
  • Management of occupational accident and illness claims, and inexcusable fault claims,
  • Relations with the labor inspectorate and occupational medicine,
  • Management of URSSAF inspections and adjustments.



  • Monitor and anticipate legislative and regulatory developments and social case law,
  • Litigating and defending before administrative and judicial bodies, in individual and collective disputes,
  • Litigation and defense in criminal labor law.

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