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Our team has developed an expertise in compliance matters to assist our clients in implementing compliance procedures within the framework of anti-corruption measures.

We provide assistance to various companies, including medium-sized enterprises, listed and unlisted companies, at every stage of designing their compliance programs. Our aim is to help them adopt a system that adheres to the best local and international standards while remaining tailored to their specific needs and corporate culture.

Our areas of expertise include:


Risk prevention

  • Legal and regulatory monitoring (Sapin II, FCPA, Brubery Act)
  • Evaluation of existing internal measures (conducting investigations)
  • Risk mapping
  • Employee training on criminal risks


We excel in designing and managing compliance programs by

  • Developing anti-corruption measures
  • Establishing performance indicators
  • Implementing codes of conduct
  • Ensuring compliance with regulations related to personal data processing


Controlling and managing crises

  • We provide support and assistance in criminal or civil procedures involving the liability of legal entities or their executives.
  • Additionally, we defend our clients during regulatory inspections carried out by authorities such as the Competition Authority or the French Anti-Corruption Agency.

Our team possesses extensive knowledge of regulations across all compliance domains.

Furthermore, our global HBL network provides our clients with valuable insights and experience in compliance matters, no matter where you are located.

Market recognition

Our team is ranked in the Décideurs guide
in the categories of “International Investigation and Internal Investigation”
and “Compliance Program”

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Cédric Putigny-Ravet
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