CHAINTRIER Avocats has opened a department dedicated to legal and physical investors from “Greater China”, to assist them in all their steps in France, both in corporate and tax and now has in its ranks an of counsel whose mother language is Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and Minnan).

CHAINTRIER Avocats is also a member of a particularly active international network in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Today, with 8 firms in this zone, spread over 35 sites and representing more than 190 partners, this network is a particularly effective tool to answer the various problems that Sino-French trade relations bring about.

Head of department : Philippe CABANIS


The “Equity – Private Equity” accompanies CHAINTRIER LAWYERS’ clients in all stages of negotiation and financing and assisting the entrepreneur in his relationships with banks, financial institutions and public investment structures and most diverse private:

  • Equity transactions: venture capital, growth capital, buyout capital (LBO, MBO, etc …)
  • Equity financing operations
  • Restructuring operations
  • Leveraged financing
  • Family office: support internal asset management in the selection and implementation of portfolio investments.

Head of Department : Bernard CHAINTRIER

Associates :

  • Philippe CABANIS
  • Marie Isabelle CARLHIAN


The tax department assists CHAINTRIER LAWYERS’ clients, companies and individuals, in all their relations with the Directorate General of Public Finance.

Whether in their management choices or heritage, so a consulting assignment, or in disputes with the tax authorities, so in this case a contentious mission of the tax audit to the State Council or the European Court of Human Rights if necessary.

The tax department also assists closely CHAINTRIER LAWYERS’ clients in their development initiatives with partners in charge of the department merger and acquisition. He also works alongside the litigation department in the field of employment law or criminal business litigation.

The Tax Department assists CHAINTRIER LAWYERS’ clients in the implementation and management of their interests abroad, taking into account the specificities of the local domestic law of each tax treaty, and ensuring that the resulting decisions are  likely to ensure them a perfect legal certainty. In this context the tax department has ensured a very large number of regularization of assets held abroad, according to Woerth (2009) and Cazeneuve (2013) tax regularization circulars.

CHAINTRIER tax department communicates very often  in the media and in academic journals.

In particular, the tax department is regularly involved in, E-TV dedicated exclusively to physicians and pharmacists, to present these professionals the latest tax news.

Head of Department : Bruno BELOUIS

Senior collaborator :

  • Arnaud NICOLAOU


The Department assists CHAINTRIER LAWYERS’clients in the areas of corporate restructuring.

It acts as such in the major issues of mergers and acquisitions including the insolvency proceedings.

The department also monitors daily and accompanies groups of societies in their legal issues emerging from the different areas of business law.

Head of Department : Philippe CHARHON


The Compliance / CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) department assists its clients (ETI mid-sized companies, listed and non-listed companies) at each step of the implementation of a compliance program in order to help them to adopt a device that complies with the best local and international standards (Duty of care, Sapin II Law, FCPA, UK BRIBERY ACT) while remaining adapted to the needs and culture of the company.

It conducts internal investigations in order to evaluate the relevance of the programs and defends the interests of its customers during the investigations conducted by the regulators (Competition Authority, French Anti-Corruption Agency …) and in the context of criminal investigations.

The department assits its clients in their CSR initiatives and helps them to promote a culture of ethics within the company.

Head of Department : Cédric PUTIGNY-RAVET (holder of Certificate of Compliance anticorruption, vigilance and personal data protection of the PARIS DAUPHINE University)


The Department “Litigation and Arbitration” is involved in the following areas :

  • General criminal law
  • Criminal law
  • Press and media laws (defamation, insults, attacks on privacy)
  • Arbitration and commercial litigation
  • Competition law (compliance program and risk mitigation)
  • Road law
  • Sports law
  • Contracts law
  • Family law
  • Nationality law
  • Social law and Labour law
  • Inheritance law
  • Real estate law

Associates :

  • Guillaume DEBONNET
  • Benoît DERIEUX


The «Business Law» exercises its powers in the following areas:

Business consulting and support for SMEs and ETI groups in their monitoring and legal issues in fields covering company law and the wider business law, their development in the context of financial transactions and mergers and acquisitions, the asset organization leaders view of a transmissioncompany intra family

The head of the department also acquired special expertise in the field of regulated professions, especially medical and pharmaceutical professions.

Head of Department : Marie-Josèphe CHAVANES (specialized in corporate law)


The Department exercises its powers in the following areas:

  • Operations of national and international mergers and acquisitions
  • Equity financing transactions, LBO, MBO
  • Company law and corporate
  • Contracts in domestic law and in international law: joint venture, license, master-franchise and international projects


  • European seminar on transnational mergers: November 16, 2012 – Superior Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants – 19 rue Cognacq Jay 75007 PARIS
  • Conference at the convention DAF 2013: alternative financing companies: July 9, 2013 – Palais des Congrès in Paris
  • Conference at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris in September 2014: the negotiation of acquisition; Letter of Intent

Head of Department : Philippe CABANIS

Senior collaborator :

  • Olivier BETIN


CHAINTRIER LAWYERS’ team intervenes to assist Associations and Fondations and accompany them in their project in all their legal, fiscal, social or litigation action.

CHAINTRIER LAWYERS is alsospecialized in inheritance law and funeral law assists CHAINTRIER LAWYERS’ clients  in litigation cases related to inheritance law, heritage and funeral law which is rather complex since it deals with at once administrative law, civil law, particularly in regard to the execution of a will, donations and bequests, commercial law or even criminal law on funerals and the deceased’s rights.

Head of Department : Carole BELOUIS